Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free" -Mumford and Sons

I thought it would be appropriate to title this next post with a quote about love. After all, Verona is the city that inspired Shakespeare to write what many consider the ultimate love story, Romeo and Juliet. It is well known that this famous love story was nothing more than a expression of Shakespeare's creativity, but Verona remains a tourist destination for lovers from all around the world. I would venture to say that Verona, is more appropriately the 'City of Love.' Venice is charming, but Verona is truly a romantic city.

I'm sure my opinion of Verona was affected by the obnoxious love festival going on the weekend we were there. There were red and pink hearts covering the ground throughout the city, there was music, chocolate, and LOVERS EVERYWHERE. Let me tell you, everywhere. And the kind of lovers that make you want to vomit because their PDA is like a bad car crash. You want to look away, but you can't understand how they're not out of oxygen after making out that long. Okay, enough of my cynicism. I'm happy these people are in love, but I'd rather not feel like an awkward onlooker to their steamy public mushfest.

The architecture of Verona is beautiful. It's much more like what people imagine when they think of Italy. Aged buildings, plant covered balconies, clothes hanging from clothes lines, etc. It was a beautiful place, and I'd love to go back.

Ps. some of these pictures were taken by my friend Beth McElhannon as my camera battery died, so kudos, Beth, you're awesome.

Almost all the facades in Verona look like this; worn, ancient and beautiful.

Every wall around Juliet's balcony was covered with scribbles and love letters

Beth wrote a note for Juliet

Check the shadows from the plants

This looks adorable, but after 10 solid minutes of this, I promise you it wasn't

We stumbled upon this park randomly, so pretty

The arches mark the entrance to old towne Verona (Yes, I added and extra e after town, it just feels right)

Gorgeous fountain in front of an ancient Roman ampitheatre

Verona is home to one of the largest standing Roman ampitheatres

I felt like I was back at the Rose bowl, only this was a little bit older an slightly more impressive. Also, some might say the competition was a bit more brutal

The inner tunnels

This is my artsy side, I'm not going to lie, this picture was a total accident

The view from the top

Sepia tone seemed fitting with the old towne theme

A typical street in Verona
Alright, that's all I've got energy for today. Verona has a romantic charm that can pull even the most negative nancies out of their cynical cocoons. Then again, that lovefest could make a hopeless romantic want to vomit all over the streets. Regardless, Verona was a pretty awesome city. I can't say I'd be able to spend more than a few days there, but I definitely enjoyed myself.

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  1. This looks adorable, but after 10 solid minutes of this, I promise you it wasn't

    never been to Verona
    j e a l o u s